Hiring for Personality – The Whitepaper

Almost 9 in 10 hiring managers feel that video can improve the interview process


I’m absolutely delighted to bring you the findings of our first whitepaper which looks at how video interviews can help organisations make better hiring decisions while enabling candidates to reveal their true personalities.


Challenges facing organisations

Time spent interviewing
A shortage of quality candidates
Ability to attract the right candidates

The top benefits of using video interviewing

Saving time with interviews
Revealing the personality of the candidate
Assessing ‘soft skills’

Time for change?

What the findings reinforced is that recruitment takes a lot of time. Over 4 in 10 (42%) hiring managers said that they see between 6-10 professionals at first interview stage, with a quarter having to arrange and schedule interviews for up to 15 candidates. While the actual interview time may vary, there’s still a considerable amount of work involved.  Research from an international recruitment firm found that by using video, interview to hire times fell from 8.5 to 2.5 days – that’s a 70% drop!


Right attitude

Employers are also realising that you must look beyond education and experience. While the latter is of course extremely important, what matters even more is the person’s motivation to succeed combined with their personality and ‘soft skills’, such as communication and empathy. Say you had to pick between two evenly matched candidates – one with slightly more experience versus the person with more enthusiasm and a stronger team ethic. I know who I’d choose.


Showcasing your skills

More than half of candidates (54%) would relish the opportunity to ‘sell’ their personality and demonstrate their character on video. Being able to do the videos on their smartphone at any time and place (53%) was also deemed important as was the time saving aspect of not having to attend an interview (43%).


These are just some of the key findings from our report. To view all of the results in full download your free copy today.


Finally, if there are any aspects of the findings that you’d like to discuss or want to learn more about Fidio, contact me on 020 3418 8085 or email andrew@fidio.tv.

Andrew Mace, Product Manager, Fidio

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